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Holland, Ohio 43528 

We offer a full line of security products with our new construction services. We have pre-wire only installations as well as full installation packages of Security, Alarm and Video Surveillance Systems.

Our Basic security pre-wire only new construction package consists of:

1 jobsite visit to pre-wire for the following:

4 - Perimeter doors leading into the home with contacts installed.
2 - Touchpads for on/off controls at main entry and master bedroom.
1 - Motion detector covering the most traffic areas possible.
1 - Smoke detector in 1st floor bedroom hallway or 2nd floor halllway.
1 - Heat detector near furnace or mechanicals.
2 - Sirens interior and exterior.
1 - Communication line to telephone interface.
All standard basement windows.
Spare wiring to attic for future use.

* All wiring is recessed in walls and noted on paperwork for future use.

Any additional wiring can be added upon request for addtional pricing.
Pre-wiring is normally done before the insulators begin but after all
rough-in inspections have been completed.
Pre-wiring usually takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Our Basic new construction security package includes:

1 - 6 Zone Control panel with battery backup and central station communicator.
3 - Doors contacts for perimeter doors.
1 - Motion detector covering most traffic areas possible.
2 - Sirens interior and exterior.
All standard basement windows contacted from opening.
1 - Tamper switch on main control panel.

Our installations usually have 3 Jobsite visits which include:

1. Pre-wire. We will wire the home or business before the insulation and drywall has started. All wiring will be installed at this time.
2. Finish. We will install all of the security components after the painting, trimwork and final electrical has been completed. The system will be powered up and ready to be used at that time.
3. Instructing and completing paperwork. Once the home or business has been completed and ready to move in, then we will make a final visit to complete all paperwork, test system for proper operation and demonstrate the system to the owner.

There are many other options available for a complete system which might include:

*Fire Protection - Smoke and Heat Detectors
*Low temperature sensors - To sense if the furnace or heating unit has stopped functioning properly before the pipes freeze in the home or business.
*Sump/Water detectors - To sense if the sump area is getting to full and might overflow.
*Window protection - Either contact the windows from opening or sense if the glass has been broken.
*Window screen protection.
*Pet immune motion detectors.
*Phone access module - to access your security system from any phone (cellular or land line) and control all system functions. 

We also offer:

*Whole house intercom packages.
*Video surveillance packages.

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